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Request for Proposals for Internet and Telecommunications Improvements 

Scott County Fiscal Court 

The Scott County Fiscal Court (County) requests proposals for a turnkey project to connect all County Buildings and Offices onto a common network (LAN/WAN).  The goal is to provide broadband access to all County computers and connect them to a predetermined off-site data center.  The County would also like to have a single Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system for all phones throughout the county.   

Bid on all or any part. 

Bid #1 – The County seeks to connect 15 County buildings with (direct access or dedicated access) to the predetermined data center with a minimum speed of 20mb x 5mb for each location. Ensure each location has a minimum of CAT 5e wiring at location, POE Plus switches, wifi access point at each.  

Bid #2 – VoIP phone system and software for app. 180 phones throughout 15 locations, connectivity through SIP and/or PRI trunks that will be hosted at off-site datacenter. Standard features, voicemail, caller ID, automated attendant, call forwarding, ect. 

Information related to the project with list of building locations can be found at 

All documents must be SEALED and MARKED ON THE OUTSIDE “REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Scott County Internet and Telecommunications Improvements”.  Submittals in excess of 20 single-sided pages will not be considered.  The review committee reserves the right to evaluate the responses submitted, to waive any informalities and irregularities therein, or to reject any or all submittals should it be deemed in the best interest of the Fiscal Court.   

Contractors and consultants desiring to provide these services should submit FIVE copies of their Proposal to: 

              Judge Joe Pat Covington  
              101 East Main St, Suite 210 
              Georgetown, KY 40324 

Electronic submission of Proposals will not be accepted. 

Statement of Qualifications and Proposals must be received by 2:00 PM local time on August 30th, 2019. 

Questions concerning this RFP should be addressed to Chip Clark BGADD, IT Project Manager by emailing at

All questions asked and answers will be posted on the website. 

Q. How many DIDs total will be required?
A. We would like current DIDs, approximately 100 and provide a minimum of 250 more DIDs, consecutive numbers if possible.

Q. What’s the current level of Internet service provided to the data center space in Richmond?
A. A new connection is going to be installed to service this.

Q. There’s mention of ‘software for app.’ Do you mean an app allowing cell phones to tether to the phone system?
A. No not cell phones, by software, it means the VOIP system software.

Q. What is the address where the data center is located?
A. 560 S. Keeneland Dr, Richmond, KY 40475

Q. Will a separate firewall be located at the data center and be provided by Madison County?
A. Yes, some form of a Sophos XG Device

Q. What applications would be run on the server?
A. Document management system, file server, VOIP system server

Q. How many simultaneous inbound/outbound should the phone system be able to handle? How many concurrent voicemail access and auto attendant, should the system need to provide?
A. 46 simultaneous inbound/outbound calls and 50 concurrent voicemail/auto-attendant access

Q. Does Scott County desire a redundant backup connection to Madison County?
A. Yes

Q. Is there a need for data encryption through the network?
A. Yes, communication will need data encryption

Q. Does the County require phone system training for staff?
A. Yes

Q. Are gigabit phones required?
A. No, they are not a requirement

Q. Does the County want guest WIFI at the courthouse?
A. Yes

Q. What type of cabling currently exists and is there current connectivity between each location?
A. If network cable exists at all, it is mostly CAT5. There is currently no connectivity between each location.

Any additional questions can be emailed to Chip Clark Email will be the only form of communication during the RFP process. Those questions and answers will be posted here as they come in.