We are happy to welcome our Georgetown College students back into our county for the ‘20-21 school year! Georgetown College is welcoming one of its largest first-year classes with several of the students receiving the Legacy and Legends Scholarship that offers free tuition to Scott County students (as well as the students of three other counties). Click here to read more about this scholarship: https://scottky.gov/legacy-and-legends-scholarship/

Georgetown College has been very diligent in keeping both their students and our community safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Mask-wearing and social distancing has been strictly enforced both in and out of the classroom. This school year will look very different with college sports having greater restrictions, hybrid classrooms, and limited social contact, but we know that GC students are strong enough to withstand the challenges. To read about GC’s COVID policies and what they are doing to keep Scott County and its students safe, click here: http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/tigers-together

Georgetown College has also been named the Best College in Kentucky for Job Placement for the third consecutive year! We are thankful to share our community with an institution that brings such promising individuals to Scott County. We are very excited to have these bright, young minds back to contribute to our local businesses and to the community at large.