Activations for our expansion project are continuing to roll in, and we’ve activated another 730 addresses in November. We have now activated 2,358 addresses to date in the project. I’m hopeful a mild winter will allow us to continue at or above our current pace of activations. We continue to work with Kentucky Utilities and other pole owners on finalizing the last attachment applications and this process is nearing completion. 

The upgrade of our existing network is just about complete, meaning that within the next couple months, all customers (existing or new activations through the expansion project) will have access to symmetrical gigabit speeds that means one gig upload or one gig  download speed. We already have plans in place to increase this to 2 Gig and long-term plans to scale up to 10 Gig and beyond. Scott County  is one of the first in the nation to experience this speed increase.

Addresses that are in activated areas will receive notification from Spectrum in the US mail that will share details on how to request service.