Despite the winter weather, we’ve been able to continue to make substantial progress on our broadband expansion project now that the majority of all pole permits have been approved. This map shows the areas Spectrum has activated to date and the areas they are targeting for January and February of this year. I’m happy to announce that more than 3,000 homes now have access to high-speed broadband, in Dec. alone we had 808 homes receive access with many more to come before the winter is over.

Obviously, weather and other factors could impact this schedule, but Spectrum is doing all they can to activate these areas quickly. I can share that over the recent cold snap contractors have continued to work and move the project forward and we appreciate their efforts. There’s only one area remaining in need of pole permits, and we are working closely with our utility partners to get those approved as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your patience while we worked with our partners on this major infrastructure project, and we look forward to finishing the broadband deployment and having one of the most connected counties in the country.