2024 is off to an impressive start in the Scott County Broadband Expansion Project. In January, Spectrum contractors work allowed for 601 homes to become ready for activation bringing us to a total of 3671 homes eligible for service since May. The map below shows the areas Spectrum has activated to date and the areas they are targeting in the upcoming months. We continue to work with Spectrum and Kentucky Utilities to navigate the pole permitting and construction process to provide access to high speed broadband for all unserved homes in Scott County.

Scott County citizens in the “Construction Complete” green areas can request service by calling 1-877-568-4761 or online at www.spectrum.com

Individuals can check their address at the link below to see if they are listed in the broadband project.


We appreciate your patience while we work with Spectrum on this major infrastructure project, and we look forward to having one of the most connected counties in the country.