I would like to personally say, THANK YOU, to our local hospital and all of our medical professionals. They are on the front lines along with our first responders and I appreciate their service. We are blessed with the planning, training and collaboration that has taken place.

I had the opportunity to listen in to a conference call with our State EMA Director Michael Dossett and Governor Beshear, this morning.
The Governor continues to emphasize the following:
1. The next 2-3 weeks are very critical in the fight against the virus.
2. Social distancing has proven to reduce the spread of the virus. The short-term tough closures will lead to long term gains. The Governor shared a comparison with New York. If we saw the same type of spike in Kentucky that has occurred in New York, we would have app. 7000 positive cases in Kentucky. What we are doing is working, we just have to see it through the next 2-3 weeks. The Governor also shared a situation from a New Jersey nursing home that has 90 patients and every single patient is positive for the Coronavirus. One situation like that here would put a strain on our capacity to treat our community. We cannot stop practicing good social distancing.
3. State and local medical professionals are continuing to work to increase testing capacity. This will allow to isolate those that are contagious and address the needs of those in most critical need.
Please watch the video that is attached to this post. Watch the Governor’s daily press conference at 5:00.

As of noon today, we still have 2 positive cases reported in Scott County. Compare that with a total of 198 in KY as of yesterday with a total of 5 deaths related to the virus. If you look nationally, we have about 69,000 positive cases with over 1,000 deaths related to the virus. We will continue to see these numbers climb until we hit a plateau and flatten the curve nationally. We just have to continue to Social Distance.

We will get through this Together!
JP Covington
Scott County Judge Executive

COVID-19 Update Call – WEDCO/Scott County/Georgetown/GC Hospital

Video of 11:30 Zoom call with Mayor Tom Prather, Judge/Executive Joe Pat Covington, WEDCO Director Dr. Crystal Miller and Georgetown Community Hospital CEO William Haugh – Discussing latest COVID-19 updates

Posted by City of Georgetown, KY on Thursday, March 26, 2020