Dr. Crystal Miller, Director of Wedco Health District, reported no new positive cases of Coronavirus today for Scott County.

Kentucky has 2,522 (+134 newly reported) confirmed cases.
See the KDPH Dashboard for specific county cases.

Kentucky has 137 (+8 newly reported) confirmed deaths.

Kentucky has tested 30,596 (+849 newly reported ) individuals.

Kentucky has 979 (+23 newly reported) patients that have recovered.

Kentucky has 105 (+0) counties reporting at least one positive case.

Governor Beshear talked about some of the guidelines Kentucky will be following to re-open the economy as well:

-State must have a downward trajectory of COVID-19 cases in a 14-day period.
-Hospitals must operate well within normal capacity
-Robust testing for healthcare workers
-Be flexible, fluid, and able to respond if cases increase once businesses open up.

We will get through this Together!
Joe P Covington
Judge Executive