Dr. Crystal Miller, public health director confirmed 4 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Scott county this evening. 3 females and 1 male ranging from 20-60 years of age. We now have a total of 17 confirmed cases in Scott County.

Governor Beshear announced at his daily briefing the following info:

After auditing data ,Kentucky has app. 770 total positive cases with 100 new cases announced today.
Regretfully , the Governor shared that Kentucky had 11 fatalities related to the Coronavirus since yesterday’s briefing. That brings the total fatalities to 31 statewide.

We need to do our part by Staying Healthy at Home.
Social distancing is the most important tool that we have to implement in combatting COVID-19. Please execute this in every aspect of your life.

Please follow Governor Beshear’s lead in doing your part to protect our community.

We will get through this Together!