Dr. Crystal Miller shared that Scott County had no new positive cases of Coronavirus reported today.

Kentucky has 3,481 (+161 newly reported ) confirmed cases. See the KDPH Dashboard for specific county cases

Kentucky has 191 (+6) confirmed deaths

Kentucky has tested 42,844 (+6,769) individuals

Kentucky has 1,335 (+24) patients that have recovered

Kentucky has 108 (+0) counties reporting at least one positive case

Governor Beshear shared the following information today at his 5:00 briefing;

Restarting Healthcare – Phase 1. Beginning on Monday, April 27, healthcare facilities and hospitals may begin services related to diagnostics, non-urgent care, emergent care, radiology, in-person office visits, ambulatory visits, and pre-anesthesia testing. I will share in a separate post more detailed information related to the restarting of healthcare info.

We will get Through this Together!
JP Covington
Judge Executive