Dr. Crystal Miller, WEDCO public health director confirmed the 6th positive case of COVID-19 in Scott county this evening. It is a Female, under 40 years of age. This person is at home in isolation. WEDCO is currently doing contact investigations on this positive case. It is imperative that you practice healthy at home and social distancing.
With the state and private sector adding additional testing capacity we expect to see additional cases. Today we saw our largest single day increase in cases for Kentucky, with an additional 92 new confirmed cases. This is almost double what we saw over each of the last two days, so the data reflects that the virus is definitely accelerating. We also saw multiple additional cases in 24 additional counties.
I want to emphasize that we are expecting to see a spike in cases in the coming days and weeks and that the number is likely to increase.
What we need to ask you to do is STAY at HOME as much as possible and practice good social distancing. Limit yourself and family from multiple outings to retail shops.
If we work together collaboratively, we can impact the trajectory of this virus and flaten the curve ,if we continue practicing social distancing and good hygiene.
This is a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.
With tomorrow being Sunday, I encourage you to join a place of worship online.

We will get through this Together!

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