Amber Hoffman is the Elections Coordinator for Scott County. She has lived here with her family for as long as she can remember and has called Scott County home her entire life. After high school, she applied to work in the County Clerk’s Office, and she has now worked in Scott County government for almost 18 years.

As Elections Coordinator, Hoffman oversees every election process each year. She supervises the voting department and voting registration making sure that all records are maintained and updated. A lot goes into the election process including absentee votes, evaluating and repairing any voting materials, and supplying all 46 Scott County precincts with the supplies and staff that is needed for election day. The months leading up to an election are used for making sure voters are registered and for state board elections to prepare each county for any rosters or reports they need. Hoffman’s goal for every election is to ensure that the election day runs smoothly and everyone is able to have a quality voting experience.

These elections happen only twice a year but require the entire six months ahead of time to plan and prepare. As soon as one election is completed, Hoffman begins preparations for the next. She says that holding this position means a lot to her since voting is such an important factor in our country’s values. Though it can be stressful at times, it is all worth it for her in the end. She says, “When you get through an election day, and it was successful, and everything was ran smooth, and even when there are a few bumps… it just makes you feel good to be a part of that process.”

Though this recent election just passed, Hoffman has already begun the planning process for May 2020 elections.