J.R. Brandenburg is the Road Supervisor of the Scott County Road Department. He and his wife of 42 years decided to settle here for their careers and for that special Scott County feeling of “home.” He lives with his family, including his son and grandson, while working for the county. He worked in the equipment business for 20 years before getting involved in county government in the Road Department. When the road supervisor at the time became County Clerk, the position opened up for Brandenburg. His responsibilities include maintaining his department and the roads they are in charge of, scheduling yearly road pavements, snow removal, high water issues and damage, and providing for the overall care and safety of Scott County roads. He says that there is never a dull moment in his field of work, but he enjoys all the ups and downs, challenges, and rewards of working for the good people of Scott County. His goal for the upcoming year is to keep improving the roads while keeping up with the growing population and increasing traffic. He wants to see the roads continue to get better and safer for all citizens. Lastly, Brandenburg says that the constant support from the judge and all the court members makes his job a lot easier. They always make sure he has all the equipment and services he needs to keep the roads in the best condition possible.