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John Bright is a Deputy Sheriff at the Scott County Police Department. He moved to Scott County in May of 2015 and first started working for the department in September of 2015. He knew he wanted to work in the police force since high school when he spoke to his school’s resource officer about the highlights and benefits of working in law enforcement. Bright graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University.  After his graduation, Bright went to work for the Cynthiana Police Department where he attended the Department of Criminal Justice Training for 18 weeks. This training included basic law enforcement tactical practices, critical thinking, report writing, firearm training, driving skills, and other talents needed for a successful career in law enforcement. 

As a Deputy Sheriff, Bright has several duties to ensure the safety of Scott County including patrolling roads for traffic violations, maintaining safe traffic conditions, responding to emergency calls, conducting criminal investigations, gathering physical evidence for preservation of the court, writing reports, servicing warrants, transporting prisoners, apprehending suspects, making arrests, interacting with the community even when it does not involve criminal activity, and so much more! He is thankful for all the rewarding duties and challenges he takes on every day in this profession and says that these challenges are what really drew him to love this profession.

When asked what his favorite part of the job is, Bright said, “I enjoy the camaraderie of the Sheriff’s Office as a whole. Every deputy here has a mutual mindset for the betterment and safety of the county.” His goals for 2020 are to grow as a Christian, expand his family, and continue to protect and serve the community to the best of his ability. Bright was nominated by County Sheriff, Tony Hampton because of his energetic attitude and diligence in always looking for new opportunities to excel in his career and become a better deputy for Scott County citizens.