Zack Anderson has lived in Scott County his entire life. He is married, has one 8 month old daughter, and three dogs. He decided to become a firefighter because he grew up watching his dad work in the field and thought it would be a perfect career path for him as well. Zack Anderson now works for the Scott County Fire department and has recently been awarded the Scott County Fire Department’s Meritorious Service Commendation to recognize his actions on January 22nd, 2018.
Early in the morning that day, Mr. Don Dyer and his Labrador were near a pond that had frozen over with ice. When the dog tried to walk to the middle of the pond, he fell through. Mr. Dyer tried to save him by grabbing a boat and an axe to reach his pet. When the firefighters got there, Dyer was still in the boat trying to save the dog contrary to the orders given by the firefighters to turn back. Once one firefighter made it into the water, Mr. Dyer’s boat sank putting him into the frigid water. Anderson then entered the water and broke through the ice with his arm all the way to Mr. Dyer. He got to Dyer and was pulled back in by the other men. After saving Mr. Dyer, the dog was then rescued by Anderson and another firefighter using an inflatable boat, bringing the dog safely back to his owner.
Chief Mike Fuller commends Anderson’s actions by saying that he “…upheld the highest standards of the fire service exhibiting great personal courage and resolve…” The Scott County Fire Department’s Meritorious Service Commendation recognizes firefighters that go above and beyond his or her duties in life threatening situations to save lives. That is exactly what Zack Anderson did that day. He says that firefighters train a lot; about 80% of the job is training. To fulfill a duty that they train so extensively for means everything to him. He had problems accepting the award at first because he felt that he was just fulfilling his duty as a firefighter. He appreciates the award and the acknowledgement from Chief Fuller, but he says that any firefighter on or off the truck that day would have done exactly what he did because that is what they train for every day. He says that he could not have done it without the other men on the scene, and the Scott County Fire Department deserves all the recognition and gratitude for the great people he gets to work with.
Thank you to Zack Anderson and the entire Scott County Fire Department for what you do every day for your citizens.