Good Morning, I have received a few inquiries about potential positive Covid 19 cases in Scott County. I also understand that with our situation that there is a lot of inaccurate information and rumors being shared on social media etc….

As of 7:00 am this morning 3-19-20, Dr. Crystal Miller of the Wedco Health District reported to me that we do NOT have any positive cases in Scott County.

With that said we still need to work together and implement best practices to minimize the potential impact of the virus.

Stay Home as much as possible and Maintain Social Distancing Practices
Wash your hands
If you are sick with a fever, persistent cough and shortness of breath then contact your Doctor.

I am in contact with Dr. Miller daily and she has pledged to keep my office up to date with relative Covid 19 information.
I will update this page daily with accurate information that I receive from State and Wedco Health district information related to Covid 19 in Scott County.

I want to urge you to stay calm and let’s look out for each other.
Scott County, Georgetown and Wedco are working together daily to coordinate and plan.
Call and check on your neighbors especially the elderly or those with existing medical conditions.

When you have to go to the grocery PLEASE do not buy in bulk. Our grocery stores have posted limits, please respect those postings .
Our grocery stores have communicated that they will have supplies .

County Government offices are open but we are limiting face to face access. We just ask you to call or email for assistance.

I am working with the Mayor, Emergency Management and other local agencies to put together a community hotline that will provide assistance for the elderly and others that have been advised to self isolate.

We will get through this TOGETHER!