Tonight’s Covid -19 update….

Good evening

After listening to Gov. Beshear and checking with Dr Crystal Miller today, the data that I have to share tonight includes that there are now 87 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Kentucky up from 63 yesterday and 3 total deaths related to the virus. There has not been any confirmed positive cases in Scott County. I have been asked about how many individuals have been tested from Scott County?
It has been shared that as of Friday there had been a total of 768 tests through the state lab and app. 20 of those were individuals from Scott County.
Scott County accounts for app. 60,000 of the States 4.4 million total population or 1.4% .
Our app. 20 state tests would account for 2.6 % of the total state tests.
The other issue related to that question is that private labs are now increasing capacity and that number is not available.
What I want Scott County to prepare for is that we will eventually have positive cases.

What we MUST do is STAY at HOME and follow recommendations of social distancing.

With tomorrow being Sunday and a traditional day of worship, I share a situation from communities in neighboring counties, stories of church congregations being quarantined due to one individual that attended church last Sunday testing positive. Please stay home and view a service online or over TV.
Matthew 18:20 says,” For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

We are doing well here in Kentucky. Reviewing the infection rates from each state, we are among the states leading the nation in “flattening the curve” because we have made sacrifices that are making a difference. Take a look at these numbers in the graph from Tennessee compared to Kentucky as of 3-19 and as of today Tennessee is reporting 371 positive cases.

This will be a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. This will save lives.
We will get through this Together!

Joe Pat Covington
Scott County Judge Executive