Broadband Project Update | December 1, 2023

Activations for our expansion project are continuing to roll in, and we’ve activated another 730 addresses in November. We have now activated 2,358 addresses to date in the project. I’m hopeful a mild winter will allow us to continue at or above our current pace of activations. We continue to work with Kentucky Utilities and other pole owners on finalizing the last attachment applications and this process is nearing completion. 

The upgrade of our existing network is just about complete, meaning that within the next couple months, all customers (existing or new activations through the expansion project) will have access to symmetrical gigabit speeds that means one gig upload or one gig  download speed. We already have plans in place to increase this to 2 Gig and long-term plans to scale up to 10 Gig and beyond. Scott County  is one of the first in the nation to experience this speed increase.

Addresses that are in activated areas will receive notification from Spectrum in the US mail that will share details on how to request service.

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Charter Spectrum Broadband Project Update

Spectrum has shared the most up to date map of progress on our county wide broadband project. This map highlights the current (and near future) areas of construction in the county and will be updated to show progress as construction moves throughout the County. The county has been divided into 33 sections for construction purposes. Spectrum has 5 aerial teams and 3 ground teams working in the county. As each section is completed, residents will receive notification that they are eligible for accessing service. Spectrum will be building more than 400 miles of fiber throughout the year to connect unserved households to high-speed, reliable broadband service.

Scott County residents can go to the following link to confirm their address is officially part of the project:

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Equipment Donations for Eastern Kentucky

Scott County Fire Department and Scott County Road Department were blessed to be able to go to Eastern Kentucky and donate the breathing air equipment we replaced in April of this year to some awesome departments that are in need of this life-saving equipment.

The equipment we were able to donate included:

42 – SCBA Air Packs

65 – Air Cylinders

1 – Breathing Air Compressor

2 – Air Cylinder Fill Stations

8 – Breathing Air Storage Tanks

5 – Rapid Intervention Team Breathing Air Kits

This Equipment will most commonly be used in Structure Fires and Vehicle Fires, however, it can be used in a wide variety of fields, including confined space, trench rescue, HAZMAT, Ect.

It’s incredible to see the ways our members find to keep helping our neighbors, near and far, above and beyond.

Special Thanks to:

Scott County Road Department Georgetown Ky for helping us load, unload, and transport this equipment!

Hazard Fire Department for receiving this equipment, sorting through it, and dispersing it to the departments that will benefit from it the most

And of course Scott County Judge/Executive Office and Scott County Fiscal Court for voting this through and making this donation possible. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Toyota Donates Land for Construction of a Future City Fire Station

Georgetown, KY (Sept. 16, 2022) – The Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky Inc (TMMK) in
Georgetown, KY has recently donated seven acres of land to Georgetown-Scott County. This
land was a gift from TMMK and will be the site of a new facility for Georgetown-Scott County
Emergency Medical Services (GSCEMS). The donated site will be used to construct a future city
fire station along with a state of the art training center for emergency medical technician (EMT)
and paramedic training.
Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather said he is excited by the increased safety and emergency
resources the new facility will provide to citizens.
“We are delighted by the gift to our local community of this important piece of land by TMMK!
It’s perfectly located for our growing community’s public safety needs. Georgetown and Scott
County will jointly fund a new Georgetown-Scott County Ambulance Service headquarters and
training facility on this site, improving public safety and reducing run times for all citizens.
Later, the city will also add facilities, manpower and equipment for the operational needs of the
Georgetown Fire Department. This is great news for public safety! Thank you, TMMK.”
The construction and function of the facility will be funded by Georgetown and Scott County.
The station will create and service a new district in the county which will significantly reduce
response times for emergency services to reach distress signals faster.
GSCEMS Director, Chris Runyon, said he and his team are ready to serve Georgetown-Scott
County in even better ways thanks to the new facility.
“We are so grateful to Toyota for giving us this opportunity to improve our service to Scott
County. This station will decrease response times to many of our residents, in some instances by
up to fifteen minutes! It will also include a state of the art training center that will be used to
deliver EMT and paramedic training to our community. We couldn’t do what we do, as well as
we do it, without our amazing community partners. A huge thank you to our fiscal court, Judge
Covington, and Toyota for making this new facility a reality! It is truly an honor to work and
serve Georgetown-Scott County.”
Scott County Fiscal Court Judge Executive, Joe Pat Covington, said he is grateful to Toyota for
their continued support of the growing community.
“We are very grateful to Toyota and their donation of the site for the new GSCEMS Station and a
future City Fire Station. Toyota’s commitment to our community will help make a significant
impact on emergency response times across the county. The location provides better access to the
growth in housing on the eastern side of the county and Interstate 75.”
Corporate Communications Manager at Toyota, Kim Ogle, said TMMK is happy to give back to
the community for the construction of the EMS facility.
“Toyota Kentucky is proud to offer seven acres of property to Scott County to support the new
EMS facility. We maintain a commitment to public safety and greatly appreciate the important
work our Georgetown and Scott County partners continuously do to better serve our
For more information on Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky Inc., visit
To see updates on the construction of the new station, follow GSCEMS on Facebook at
More information on newsworthy announcements in Scott County can be found on
and on Facebook at

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Primary Election 2022


WHEN: Tuesday May 17th Voting will take place from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

WHERE: Precinct Voting Locations for Scott County are listed as attached or Scott County Public Library will serve as a Voting Center for any registered Scott County voter.

Green shading indicates those locations are in the 88th State Representative District.

Yellow shading indicates those locations are in the 62nd State Representative District.

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