As the weather turns nice, our community is going to want to go out to our playgrounds and get some fresh air. As of today, our parks and playgrounds are currently open, minus certain amenities such as all basketball courts are CLOSED. We want our playgrounds and parks to remain open, however if the CDC’s recommendations are not followed we will be forced to close them. We do not have the resources to sanitize playground equipment and shelters so it is imperative that you follow the CDC’s recommendations of practicing social distancing at all times, do not use the parks if you or your family members are exhibiting symptoms, practice personal hygiene prior to, during, and after visiting our parks, be prepared to not have access to public restrooms and water fountains, and do not congregate in groups of 10 or more. If others are currently using the playground or other park amenities when you arrive, choose a different activity within the park. It is everyone’s responsibility to practice the above recommendations so that we can keep the parks, open spaces, and trails open to everyone.