KYTC District 7 Press Release
 Round About to Open at KY 32 and McClelland Circle Bypass in Scott County
 Update for the US 460 Georgetown Northwest Bypass Project - roundabout to open in Scott County
 -the roundabout is part of the US 460 Georgetown  Bypass Project
 -the entire project is scheduled to open for completion in May 2021
 Friday, August 14 - 5 p.m. (time is approximate)
 Longlick Pike/KY 32 & McClelland Circle/KY 1143
 -motorists will be able to utilize Longlick Pike/KY 32 and McClelland Circle/KY 1143
 -thru traffic and motorists traveling from McClelland Circle /KY 1143
 -no road closures will be in effect
 -the roundabout will be closed at the new portion of the bypass (completion in May 2021)
 -the new roundabout replaces the previous intersection
 -the intersection had a stop condition on the McClelland Circle/KY 1143 approach to Long Lick Pike/KY 32