Expanding Broadband Internet is an important issue for all citizens whether it is for farmers in our rural areas, students trying to submit homework, or anyone trying to do work from home. Adequate internet is important to our county, and the Scott County Fiscal Court is working to bring greater access to Broadband to a wider range of our community.

Judge Covington has made it a priority to meet with several Internet Service Providers over the past months trying to expand access to broadband in the rural parts of our county.

In 2007, the Green River Area Development District (GRADD) in Western KY formed a public private partnership with an Internet Service Provider (QWireless) and seven counties from the GRADD. The partnership was developed to provide high-speed internet to residents of the seven counties focusing on the rural areas in these counties. The project is now called ConnectGradd and covers some 2,660 square miles and has approximately 2000 subscribers.

Judge Covington initiated a meeting that was hosted on November 20th with representatives from the GRADD and local elected officials from the BGADD. Jiten Shah of the GRADD shared their story of how they have expanded options for Broadband connectivity in their communities by using a Direct Wireless solution for providing connectivity. Direct Wireless uses existing structures (water tower, 911 radio towers and other existing infrastructure) to transmit a signal to provide broadband to the home.

Judge Covington has spearheaded the push with the BGADD to create a similar project in Central Ky and Scott County.

Leadership at the Bluegrass Area Development District intends to propose at the Dec. 18th Board meeting to advertise a Request for Information “RFI” from Broadband companies to propose plans to provide Broadband in the Rural areas of our BGADD counties.