9:00 am Today Feb 1st Registration for Citizens 70 and older

Phase 1A and 1BCOVID vaccine update! 1/29/21 💉

We vaccinated 1600 people across the WEDCO District this week (first responders, healthcare workers, 70+ and school employees). We are thankful for everyone’s support and patience during these unprecedented times. We will continue to deplete our supply each week and stay on 70+ until we have vaccinated this high risk group! 💪🏼The week of Feb 1-5, we will host FIRST DOSE vaccination clinics again for Phase 1a and 1b. We will open up available appointments on Monday, Feb 1 @ 9am. We will only open up the number of appointments that we have vaccines for. If you are a first responder, healthcare worker, or 70+ years of age, please register on our website www.wedcohealth.org. Please click on “vaccine” then “first dose” to make an appt. If you cannot schedule online, please call 859-234-8750, press 6 to get scheduled for an appt. We are still receiving small amounts of vaccine each week so we ask for your patience as we continue to work through this process. We will stay in phase 1b for as long as needed to ensure we vaccinate this high risk population.