Aaron Anderson has been with the Scott County Road Department since December 2015 as an equipment operator, but he has lived in Scott County for almost his entire life. Before joining the Road Department, Anderson worked on a local cattle farm for about 7 years. He still goes there time to time due to his love of the outdoors. On the job, Anderson has several duties to maintain the safety of those travelling through the county including operating all types of equipment, plowing snow, fixing pot holes, trimming trees, and overall repair and maintenance of all county roads, properties, and buildings. To become an equipment operator, Anderson had to attain certifications and licenses to handle all machines and equipment necessary to do the job right.

He knew he wanted to work for the Road Department when he saw the opportunities to face new challenges and tasks every day. He also enjoys spending his time outdoors, so this field was a perfect fit. He says that his favorite part of the job is working with good people who value the safety of Scott County citizens. He says they all enjoy doing their part for the county by keeping the roads safe and facilities secure. His goals for 2020 are to continue keeping both the citizens and his teammates safe without injuries or accidents.

When he is not working, Anderson likes to go fishing and spend time with his 4-year old son, Waylon. He was nominated by Road Supervisor, JR Brandenburg, who says that Anderson is very valuable in the department and an asset to his team.